Awesome use of HDR, timelapse, a sweet location, and expensive motorized timelapse gear!


I’m excited to start experimenting with new rendering solutions, several GPU enabled renders have caught my eye (using the gpu to photorealistically render instead of the cpu). I just picked up a used Nvidia GTX460, CUDA (nvidia’s option) seems to be more popular, but from what I’ve read OpenCL (nvidia and amd) is gaining strength.

On a side note, my Pentax K-X of two years just broke.  LCD screen went crazy and it won’t turn on any more.  It sucks.  And I’m not too sure I want to spend nearly $1000 for a new setup.  

Finally, it’s good to be back in America.  I learned a lot in New Zealand, developed as a person, but I’ve also learned to appreciate the good ole’ USA—I realized I took a lot of things for granted (like haha!)

Andrew Shandro and Slash at Copper Harbor, MI (by trekbikesusa)

Looks like I have a mtb trip to plan!

Mass Effect 3 - Take Earth Back trailer by Digic Pictures

How am I just seeing this now?! So impressive, one of the best game cinematics I have ever seen…

After watching it a few more times I think the audio could have been a bit better, I don’t see why there needs to be silence when the reaper lands. has a pretty good write-up about it here, shows how much work it actually takes to make even a short video.




A music parody done by my fellow exchange students, I must say, it’s quite accurate and f*cking awesome!

Edit: Swapped out youtube link for vimeo.



It’s amazing to see the amount of resources and people needed to make a film like The Hobbit!  I wish they showed the digital side of things, I wanted to see some massive servers and an army of workstations!


This is a great, fun, video!

I usually despise music videos.


// 22 Days//

I have 22 days until I’m on a flight back to the good ole’ USA.  While I haven’t been happy with the education, the cost of living, and the city itself, I enjoyed New Zealand and the amazing scenery it offers.  I traveled the South Island for two weeks, taking some great pictures along the way, and meeting tons of foreign travelers (mostly from Europe).  It was one hell of an adventure, every morning I would ask myself how could I make today awesome.  I ended up whitewater rafting, took a train along the east coast, cruised the Milford Sound, rode a jet boat, raced down the exciting Luge thing in Queenstown, trusted a harness on the Shotover Canyon Swing, explored nearly every city, climbed over rocks and along cliffs in Franz Josef to check out the glacier, and the list goes on.  On a separate excursion I hiked the world famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing (it was a tough but enriching one!).  I did nearly all of these things alone, and while it would have been undoubtedly better with my amazing girlfriend by my side, it was a great solo experience and I enjoyed the independence of it.  I learnt quite a bit about myself, and I think I am a better person because of it.

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